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Everyday life with God and challenges I face. I’ve been struggling with anxiety and panic disorder for the past 5 !months I’ve become a born again Christian in that time and through this I’ve learnt alot and I am continuing to learn everyday. Everyday is different and each day has brought new challenges. Recently I’ve been told I have had this since I was younger but its only manifested itself fully recently. So here is my journey hoping someone else can relate or find comfort that we all face trials and challenges.

Adding More Posts….

Going to start adding more post to this blog again. Hoping to get back at it so much has happened so much to say. Until then……. STAY COOL Stephen Advertisements

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So It Begins Again

I was put on medication for my Anxiety and Panic on Halloween, after physically being unable to get up and go to work, I couldn’t dress myself I needed my wife to help me. Lying collapsed on the bed feeling … Continue reading

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Mental Battle of a Morning

Well I woke today in a decent mood I got up showered and ready for work. Joking about with my wife I felt quite positive for a change. So before I got out bed my wife and I pray with … Continue reading

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