People Ask Where Was God?

When bad things happen people always ask “Where was God?”
How could a loving God do this?
People always are so quick to blame God when things don’t go there way and turn from him. BAD THINGS….EVIL THINGS WILL HAPPEN!

That’s life and that’s what the promise is after this life no more suffering no more pain just everlasting joy and peace. If God intervened in every thing that happens here on Earth then what would be the point in faith? What would be the point in trust? What would be the point in free will?

God is always there when tragedies happen he cries when we cry, he feels our pain, he knows when we mourn but he knows how he plans to prosper us and use bad/evil for good. Times may be tough but he’s always there carrying us and never forsakes us.

As this Mr Huckabee says in this inspirational and heart felt declaration “We pushed God out of our society”

It begs the question, do we blame God when things go wrong?

Maybe we should look at the world and culture we live in before blaming the one who LOVES us most.


God Bless You All

Where was God……


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