Some Might Say This Is Controversial…..

This might be controversial but I’m going to say it….

Today I had a great conversation on Twitter with a few people regarding Catholicism and some not so great. I didn’t / don’t understand why some (not all) believe Jesus is more present when you call on his mother Mother.  Let me just state I don’t believe this in the slightest I believe Jesus is always there as is God and the Holy Spirit you don’t need to ask his mum for him to come visit you…. I can just hear the keyboard warriors bashing the brains out of there word generators now so before you go all angry on me let me state my reasons. 

1.   Jesus is always with us no matter where we go as is God and the Holy spirit.  The Bible teaches this and that God is omnipresent,  omnipotent as is the trinity.

2. Jesus said,

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”  John 14:6

I don’t believe we need anyone else but Jesus, we don’t need Mary,  or any other saint,  priest or minister to intercede for us with God.  For this was the purpose of the cross Jesus died so we could be reconciled with God and have a relationship with him as he intercedes for us with God.  He’s our Redeemer our Saviour.  When Jesus died the curtains  fell in the temple and tore in 2.  This symbolised the need for us to ask high priests to pray for our forgiveness we no more,  meaning we only need to confess to God in Jesus name and he is just to forgive us our sins.  In fact Jesus taught us how to pray that’s where the Lords prayer comes from, he never mentioned Mary.

3. Why do priests see it their job to tell people when they are forgiven? With all due respect the death of Christ was the the price  for our sins,  if we have a relationship with Jesus and he is in our hearts and we humbly and sincerely repent we forgiven through God’s grace,  no one else can forgive  you.

4. Praying to Mary seems to me like idolatry (unless this can be explained to me in any other terms than it already has been)  I will continue to feel this way as yes Mary was blessed to bear the son of God and Jesus surely loved his mother but he never told us to pray to Mary so he would be even more present – Jesus said,

For where two or three gather in MY name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

He never mentioned his mother, he said His name. Having images of Mary seems to me that she is worshipped which is idolatry. 

5. Believing in purgatory to me seems that you believe God can’t make up his mind about his final judgement thus contradicting all he teaches within the Bible about God being almighty,  all knowing and that grace does not apply because by going to purgatory it means you can work your way to heaven which no one can go to Heaven by works, it’s by the gift of grace we go as we are sinful humans who can never deserve what Jesus did for us upon that cross.

6.   The worshipping and praising of saints and praying to them for healing amongst other things is again undermining the power of God.  Why would we pray to other people/things? 

I didn’t write this to be judgemental or argumentative unfortunately the hate I have received on Twitter is nuts and it’s hard to explain in 140 characters. So this is my reasons for what I believe. 

I must say if you are a Christian and you have Jesus in your life then we are all a member of the body of Christ and we should be brothers and sisters in faith.  Too many denominations these days worshipping the same God and knowing Jesus as their Saviour but argue over trivial matters. We worship the same God so let’s do what Jesus wants us to do and love each other united together in Christ.

Grow with God your own personal relationship and experience it.  Never be influenced by anyone else. Follow the  Bible for your answers,  believe  in Jesus,  pray to God and let your light shine.  If it contradicts scripture it’s not of God.


PS- no keyboards were harmed in the making of this post.

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Adding More Posts….

Going to start adding more post to this blog again. Hoping to get back at it so much has happened so much to say. Until then…….



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Unemployment – Gods Plan?

I know it has been a very long time since I last posted, but I feel I wasn’t fully ready to express everything that was going on as there was so much. It has been a roller coaster but everyday I feel God is helping smooth the way. It can be hard to hand control of your life to God but i’m glad that God has removed my previous job from me. It was making me miserable, it wasn’t helping my condition and the support from a government agency with regards to mental health was non existant. I know there is more out there and I know there is a path that God has paved for me. I pray that I will know when it comes my way.

I am currently awaiting the results of an interview to work with people with learning difficulties a job a feel i would really love to have as my younger brother has Autism and I know how happy and special these people are. I hope you will pray for me to get this job.

Love and Peace to you all!

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Something to share…..

I want to share this quote from Daily Inspiration:

“My time is limited so I have to limit what I do with my time.” Andy Stanley – Pastor/author

Now is a great time to assess how I am using my time. How much of my lifestyle dictates my use of time? What beliefs are driving my choices on how I spend my time?

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People Ask Where Was God?

When bad things happen people always ask “Where was God?”
How could a loving God do this?
People always are so quick to blame God when things don’t go there way and turn from him. BAD THINGS….EVIL THINGS WILL HAPPEN!
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Friendships Are Always Open

Have to say I didn’t think I was going to blog today but a moment arose that made me want to write this. …Friendships.

Throughout life we make friends some that last a lifetime and some that last a moment, we will meet new people and form bonds with people we don’t expect especially after becoming a Christian but what really inspired me to write this was the friendships you have before becoming a Christian.
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Ever Had A Day

Well I can honestly say today was an eventful day, with work stuff and anxiety stuff, mainly work stuff causing the anxiety stuff to get worse. I’ve had so much on my mind today that its been one of those days where it has been hard to pray.
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So It Begins Again

I was put on medication for my Anxiety and Panic on Halloween, after physically being unable to get up and go to work, I couldn’t dress myself I needed my wife to help me. Lying collapsed on the bed feeling hopeless, pathetic, scared, paranoid, guilt ridden, crying uncontrollably and wishing it would all end; this was a mega anxiety/panic attack. There was fear in me it came from nowhere and totally wiped me out. After a while my wife calmed me down (what a blessing she is because I know it was probably hard for her to watch the man she loves in such a way). At 26 years old my mother had to come to my house at around 7.30am, made me a cup of tea and sat and chatted to us until I could get an appointment with the doctor. My wife took the day off work and came with me to see what I could only hope would be a solution to the problem.

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Mental Battle of a Morning

Well I woke today in a decent mood I got up showered and ready for work. Joking about with my wife I felt quite positive for a change. So before I got out bed my wife and I pray with each other for Gods protection throughout the day. Everything was going well until the journey into work. I don’t know what had happened but a dark cloud descended upon. I felt heavy like I was being oppressed from something. I tried not to think much of it as the past week I haven’t been great struggling with up and down moods but this felt different. I kept having this one thought “where is God?”
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